7 Tips For Keeping Your Married Dating Affair Top Secret!

“Learn the secret to keep your affair a secret”

“Learn the secret to keep your affair a secret”

Affairs tend to burn bright and often burn long. They are hard to get over, and often the choice between a lover and your spouse isn’t one you are willing to make yet. However, just when you thought everything was going smoothly, things can upend when you least expect them to. In order to keep that from happening, it is important to have a plan in motion for every unexpected occasion. When things get serious between yourself and a lusty lover and secrecy is needed to keep your tawdry affair from your spouse, these plans are even more necessary and vital to your continued happiness.

In order to keep a secret, you must learn to lie

“Humans cannot survive without lying, lie and save your relationship”

“Humans cannot survive without lying, lie and save your relationship”

Lying is an art form and it can be learned through repetition. With this, though, comes a consequence. You need to learn how to lie about small things first so that lying about the larger things becomes easier and more natural. As well, you need to learn how to hide evidence that may bring your falsehoods to light.

Receipts should be burnt unless they can be explained away as a business meeting. These little slips of paper are often the downfall of most marriages due to affairs. If you purchase a bottle of wine and your wife or husband will never see it, they should never be able to find that receipt. As such, you should also get a separate credit card to put these purchases on to keep your spouse from finding out through your credit card statement. Have the new card statement sent to a PO Box to which he or she has no access.

PO Boxes can become your new best friends

Does your fling need to get hold of you for anything? Certainly having her leave notes in your home mail would be inappropriate. As such, so would those credit card bills, anything left in a motel room that needs to return to you, or any other evidence. Having a PO Box allows you freedom that you might not have had before. Every account you open for your affair should be referenced to that PO Box. Every mailed receipt should be sent there. The trick is to make sure you keep your PO Box information from your spouse so they don’t ask any awkward questions.

Never take your affair anywhere you may be recognized

“Keep your affair discreet”

“Keep your affair discreet”

The worst thing that could ever happen is your spouse’s bridge club member calling them about seeing you with someone who is supposed to be your spouse. Take your affair to places you would normally take your spouse. If your spouse is more likely to enjoy a dinner and movie, take your affair to the opera or to a crowded concert. If you are able, take them out of the city to enjoy finer things where you are able to have some breathing room without worrying that your dastardly deeds will be caught and put on display.

Keep changes of clothes stashed somewhere safe

This should be a given, however some do not think this far ahead. The affair is burning so hot, that reason doesn’t factor into the emotions and raw lust. Think ahead. If you are going somewhere special, buy new clothes for the occasion. Burn the receipt and stash them somewhere safe so that you can change into them before your date, and change back into your old clothes on your way back home. This way, you come home without looking rumpled and there is no chance for cologne, perfume or lipstick transfer to give off any red flags. Also, you may want to stash those clothes somewhere that boasts a shower just in case any of that cologne and other lovely scents had gotten into your hair.

Do not ever take your spouse to the same place you have taken your affair

This is very dangerous on so many levels. The receptionist or other help could easily out you to your significant other without even realizing it or intending to do so. Other guests are also your enemies with unknown ammunition. Even a confused look from someone who had seen you before could raise awareness in your significant other that may lead to disastrous consequences. If you are indeed that forgetful, have your date keep a list, or keep a list in your PO Box of places you have taken your affair so that you are sure you never take your spouse to the same place.

Don’t brush your teeth!

This is one of the biggest mistakes that any adulterer can commit. When you come home with fresh breath and sparkling teeth at the end of the day when your spouse is not used to it, it will make them wonder what you have been up to. If you’re afraid of something, chew a piece of gum. A gum will get rid of most food stains on your teeth, scent your breath and can be spit out. If your significant other has anything to say about that, it can easily be explained away by either telling the truth that you had gum if you are normally a gum chewer, or saying that a child gave you a piece and you didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Use your best judgment in order to keep this from becoming worse than just leaving your mouth alone. The only thing you really need to worry about is lipstick. If you wore it, make sure it is neat again. If you did not, make sure there isn’t any there.

Your cell phone is your enemy. Learn this well

“The cause of million breakups – Always clean your cell phone data”

“The cause of million breakups – Always clean your cell phone data”

Everything on your phone is subject to your spouse’s perusal when you leave it lying around on accident. Your spouse could answer a call from your lover. They could see text messages or e-mails. People these days use their cell phones for everything, from looking up restaurants to calling cabs. Everything you do with that cell phone of yours is subject to your spouse’s scrutiny, whether checking your phone manually, or calling your cell phone carrier to ask why your bill is so high that month. The best suggestion would be to purchase a prepaid cell phone. Straight talk has a wide variety from very basic phones to the latest iPhones for purchase, and there are no contracts. The time cards are $45 plus tax for unlimited talk, text and data. As it is prepaid, you don’t need to worry about having anything sent to your PO Box or house except for the phone itself. You can purchase your phone cards online from walmart.com.

This goes without saying, however: Make sure your spouse never finds that phone. Use it solely for your affair, and stash it away where your significant other will never be able to find it. Preferably, with those clothes you stashed, or some other safe place when you are going home.

You should also password protect your personal computer, married dating could be tricky. So, when you visit married-dating-guide.com to check the site reviews & married cheating tactics, make sure to delete all the browsing history later. Safe browsing would help you in keeping your affair a secret.

Keeping your affair a secret from your spouse is hard enough without doing everything wrong. With these few tips, you should be able to keep your burning love a well-hidden secret from the love of your life. Go out, be happy and let that fire burn!

5 Signs That She’s Dying to Ask You Out

woman begging someone drawing

What makes her be really into you? Watch for these signs!

This is the modern sexual age. Gone are the days when women just sit back to wait for men to make the move to socialize, show attraction and ask for a date. Back in the days, women that actively play a part in asking a guy out is considered “too forward” and often seen as “unbecoming” of a woman. So what happened? Women have become self-confident; they are no longer shy to take initial action and express their feelings, let alone hint on men if they find them attractive. In fact, men like this about modern women; they want women who are dynamic, who can stimulate them mentally and physically. If you have tried meeting girls online lately, it’s high likely that you have already met this kind of woman we are talking about. However, you do need to know that not all online dating sites are of the same quality. When meeting girls online, you need to watch out for dishonest operators. For example, there’s a website out there called benaughty.com, that is quite popular – the dating professionals at meeting-women-online.com have written up a benaughty.com review (here: http://meeting-women-online.com/review/benaughty/) that basically proves that benaughty.com is a scam and not worth joining. So ***BEFORE*** you start thinking she really wants to ask you out, consider if you’re operating on a legit online dating site. In general, I recommend that you use only legit online dating sites when wanting to meet girls online. That way you can be sure that the interest is completely genuine.

But just because you already know this doesn’t mean you’ll let the woman wear the pants in your “engagement”, so to speak. This means, if you are waiting for a woman that you like to ask you out for a date, think again. Women are still going to be women; they still want to be wooed and charmed by a man. If you’re constantly “in touch” with a certain woman right now that you happen to also like, and this woman gives you undivided attention all the time then it’s possible that she’s dying for you to ask her out. How do you know for sure? Here are some clues:

Sign #1 – She avoids any kind of argument with you.

one potato running away from another potato cartoon

If this is her, she probably wants to keep your relationship cool!

You know that sometimes women tend to be dominating in a conversation; this is the same too with online chats. Sometimes, for guys, it feels like a job interview. Either they want to show you how smart they are or they simply like to do monologues most of the time. It’s completely ok; this is just part of women nature. If you begin to appreciate this you’ll soon find out that you are indeed learning so much from what they’re saying. But for instance you notice that even on issues calling for a heated debate she doesn’t come as argumentative; this is a good sign that she’s becoming submissive to your opinions or views. In some cases, you’ll find her agreeing in everything you say and even compliment you for your thoughts.

Sign #2 – She frequently suggests places and events.

suggestion box pastel red

She makes suggestions? 100% into you!

Do you enjoy talking about places and events? In fact, meeting girls online gives you this advantage because you meet a lot and discuss a lot of places and events with them. If she knows this about you then she’s probably using this to hint on you that you need to take her somewhere you have both discussed as a “nice place to dine” or a “wonderful spot to see” or “relaxing place to just chill”. Dead giveaways would be along these lines: “I’ve read this article about this new café. The buzz is all over . . .” or “Do you think it’s nice to go hiking at this time of the year? All these blogs about hiking makes me want to go now . . .” or “I haven’t watched a single play for almost a year now. I used to make time for it before, but the friends I go out with have gone very busy with work . . .” Are you getting the point? If you don’t then this goes back again to what women complain about men as poor listeners. If you learn to master this skill, you would not have a hard time deciphering women’s language. Relationship with them will be such a breeze!

Sign #3 – She’s always eager to compliment you

woman whispering in a man's ear drawing

Compliments mean she likes you, dummy!

Of course, if you’re that kind of guy that is a great catch then complimenting you wouldn’t be so hard. You can easily tell that when a woman compliments you it’s a truthful one; besides if you are what she says you are then you know she’s not lying. Nevertheless, it’s the sense of appreciation we are pointing at here. It’s not always that you find a woman willing to give appreciation. In fact a lot of men complain that women these days are harder to please without first finding out “what’s in it for them”. So if you find a woman that massages your ego let alone boost your morale, then that alone is a good reason to ask her out. On another level, this means that the woman you are dealing with is a completed woman, not the kind that will suck the life out of you. That said, she doesn’t do this just to hook up. Besides if she doesn’t care enough why bother with the compliment, right?

Sign #4 – She literally makes time for you

woman waiting in park drawn by me

Women that make time for you like you, dumbass!

You’d probably think that in meeting girls online that is exactly what they are: virtual. You may support this presumption by saying since they hide behind a virtual identity then they can’t really be trusted. That is not fair to say, especially when they make time for you chatting online until the wee hours of the morning. This goes without saying that if a woman makes time for you then it’s likely that she enjoys spending time with you. You may also notice that apart from online chats, she’s always sending you emails, personal or forwarded messages, or even making her presence felt by giving you facebook or twitter messages. In other words, she’s desperate for you to notice her.

Sign #5 – She tries her best to look attractive for you

image of woman applying makeup pencil drawing

Effort matters: if she’s putting some in, you’re golden!

She flashes her beauty everywhere online. Just check her social networking pages and you’ll see her most beautiful poses; and when you do live conversation, you’ll notice that she takes extra effort to look good. You’ve got to know this: women take extra 30 minutes to 1 hour each day just to look extra pretty! That is why they easily stand out in a crowd of not-so-beauty-conscious women. They do this for a number or reasons. But primarily, looking at their best makes them feel sexy inside and out while the 2nd reason is, they want to attract men. The same is true for them even when meeting men online. Oftentimes, you’ll notice that she lets you in to her subtle “hotness” with some proven body languages that translate to “find out now what you’re missing or forever be sorry”. The way she flips her hair, the way she plays with her curls, a little too deep neckline, and those always smiling, dewy eyes all mean one thing: she’s into you! That isn’t hard to decode, is it? Whether online or offline, you can very well sense these.

If you’re attraction to a woman you’ve met online is equally strong, then you would really want to learn to interpret her signals – good or bad. If these are signals that she wants you to take her out, at least you wouldn’t have a hard time going on circles just to find out. If you are still unsure, simply take a little more time before asking her out. But don’t take your sweet time either. Women like men in the middle: passive aggressive that is! Be too passive and watch her go by. Be too aggressive and you’ll probably turn her off too soon. Playing the mind game is exciting and sexy too, and that is your best bet when dealing with women.

iOS5 Features That You Should Know About For 2013

If you own an iOS5 device and you think that you only have to use it in order to make and answer phone calls, then think again!

There are a lot of wonderful features that you need to know about:

The Emoji Keyboard

Yes, the Emoji board sort of rhymes with Jumanji. If you have plans of purchasing an Emoji program, don’t! You will be glad to know that the iOS5 device allows you to enable the Emoji keypad straight from your keypad setting! You are sure to have a lot of fun with this feature.

Siri Voice

If you have difficulties with your sight, you will be glad to know that the Siri (also referred to as Samantha Voice) feature can be used to voice any written word that is on the device’s display. You can use this feature even if you do not have difficulties seeing, you can use it JUST BECAUSE. In order to make use of this fantastic feature, all you need to do is to emphasize the written word(s) on the display and then click/tap on the Talk option that pops up. This can be written words that you have imputed in notices or it can be text on the internet – it can be any written word that is not a photograph. In order enable this function, all you need to do is go to the Configurations program by navigating to the General >> Accessibility >> Speak Choice & turning the function on.

Siri's technology was based around performing relatively complex actions

Siri’s technology was based around performing relatively complex actions

Adjusting the House Button

Most users of the iOS5 device have no idea that the property option can be calibrated. Well, this is true. If you feel like the house option is not really aware of your taps/clicks or if it is just too aware of your taps/clicks; thankfully, you can calibrate it so that can function under normal circumstances when you are utilizing it. In order to calibrate the property option, all you need to do is to start a program – you can choose any program to start – and then keep the other options pending the time the “slide to energy off” slider appear to want to stop, and if it does, go to media and keep the property option on as usual as though you want to stop the program until the slider and the program stops & you find you land back on the desktop. Viola, the property option should respond well to your taps/clicks.

Text and multimedia messages directly from one iOS 5 device

Text and multimedia messages directly from one iOS 5 device

What are the Things Men Love About Women

Men love women and vice versa. As much as the Martians can’t understand the Venusians, they still love having them around and know how to make the most of it. Men may not be so vocal with compliments and stuff, but if love, they go all out to make their girl happy. So what is it that guys love about women, let’s find out!

  • The simple no make look up is a hit with most guys. Men love women sans makeup but ironically will never say so.
  • A man loves it when his lady love lazily slips into his shirt or tees with nothing else on except the bare essentials.
  • He loves how you talk to the neighbor’s kids or how you indulge his nephews and nieces and likes to observe you with kids.
  • Men love how a sentimental movie can make a girl sob while she knows that none of the stuff is actually happening. Well, this thing does leave him confused at times.
  • They love the fact that cooking for them makes you so happy. You could spend hours in the kitchen preparing his favorite meal and he absolutely loves you for this.
  • Men love women in bikinis and can never get enough of it. The female form mesmerizes them and leaves them asking for more.
  • He loves the way you treat his family as your own without letting anyone feel awkward or unwelcome.
  • A man loves a woman who wants to initiate a night of exotic lovemaking without feeling apologetic or awkward.
  • He admires your commitment to the gym and staying fit and simply can’t get over that sweat washed look that you carry after an hour of working the treadmill.
  • Men love to take care of women and love it when you let your guard down in rough moments.
  • He loves to hear you croon your favorite song from the shower or while doing the most mundane of things around the house.
Weird things men like in women

Weird things men like in women

And there are a lot many things that your guy loves about you. He may not say so, but it will reflect in the way he smiles at your little gestures or the way he takes care of you. So girl, stay the nice and warm human being that you are and you have earned yourself an abundance of love and attention. And who knows your little charms may just have him hooked to you for life!

 Does Your Man Love Money More Than You?

Does Your Man Love Money More Than You?


Downtown Living or in the Suburbs- Which is the more viable choice?

Living in the hustle and bustle of a city, filled with exotic restaurants and bistros, amidst jet setting fashion and the tallest and unimaginable skyscrapers and beautifully drafted buildings is truly a dream come true for most people. But for some, a quiet, serene, cheery neighborhood with immaculately trimmed gardens, vibrant and stunning flowers ranging from a glowing crimson to honey golden is the ultimate choice. With the completely opposite benefits and disadvantages brought by both options, it is no wonder that choosing the best place to live is a long, hard and extremely tedious task. But the answer to whether the best living destination is in the suburbs or in the downtown metropolitan hub involves your preferences and tastes. The battle for the best location between the suburbs and the downtown area has been present since time immemorial. Thus it all narrows down to your particular needs and desires. The negatives and positives of both locations must be made to come to a concrete decision.

One of the primary and most important things that must be considered is about your particular personality and the type of settings you want to live in. If you are a lively city dweller sort and want to live an exciting and varied life with great outdoor activities, then living downtown is the ultimate choice for you as you will be living in the center of the busy city and have access to all what the city has to offer in terms of better and higher jobs, more cinemas, museums, theaters and concerts and other fun things to do. If you are the person who wants to be always busy and enjoy life as much as possible, living downtown is the best choice. On the other hand, if you are the reserved and quiet sort of personality who likes to live in areas with lower noise, pollution and lesser concentrations of people, enjoy keeping a garden, have a family and are already earning a stable salary then the suburbs is a more suitable place. The decision rests in your hands based entirely on your preferences and tastes.

 If you are busy and enjoy life as much as possible, living downtown is the best choice for you

If you are busy and enjoy life as much as possible, living downtown is the best choice for you

The travel to and from work, near shops and other utility stores is also an important factor that needs to be considered. If you are living in the suburbs and working in the city then fuel costs are likely to be greater along with other commutation costs due to the long way. Longer commutes in the downtown area are easily handled cost effectively due to the use of public transportation. But still this significant factor requires a decision as your residence cannot be located too far from your workplace and the necessary grocery stores. The access to large scale malls and shops located in every corner present greater convenience and are a great advantage to living downtown.

Downtown Working + Living

Downtown Working + Living

One of the most significant advantages to living in the suburbs rather than in minuscule cramped lofts is that there are greater opportunities for attaining large impressing real estates at cheaper rates. In contrast, in the downtown area even the smallest apartments and lofts located in the center of the commercial hub are usually available at phenomenally high prices and for most increasingly unaffordable. Thus the decision on location rests on you solely. All important factors have to be considered before any concrete decision is made. 

Getting Out of Credit Card Debt – Valuable Tips

You may take a long hard look at your debt and think that it is impossible to get out of your debt. Well, if you keep thinking that way, then you may never get out of debt, but if you are determined to get out of debt, you can do it!

Here are valuable tips to help you get out of debt:

Cut Costs

If something is available to you for free, then do not pay for it! Instead, use the money and throw it at your debt. For instance, instead of driving to work, use public transportation. Better still, you can ride your bicycle and get some exercise at the same time. You would have used about 1 less (full) tank of gas at the end of the month. Then ensure that you bump up your credit card debt repayment by that exact sum. Yes, it really may not seem like a lot; however over a period of time; the money adds up and you will be able to get out of debt sooner.

 Credit cards have become the preferred mode of payment and most

Credit cards have become the preferred mode of payment and most

Chuck the Pride!

Having some sense of pride can be a good thing, but when loved ones offer to help you, do not hesitate to take help from them especially when you are really struggling with debt. The help could come in form of kind or cash. For instance, if your mother wants to babysit your children so that you can save the money that would have been spent on daycare to throw towards getting out of debt; do not hesitate to accept this generous help! If your wealthy friend, sibling or relation wants to loan you some money at zero interest or low interest so that it would lower the sum that you have to pay in debt, accept the offer. If you are still a young adult, you can move back in with your parent for a couple of months so that you can use the rent money in order to pay off your debt. Yes, this may not be the most easy-to-apply tip, but doing this will save you the hassle of spending years and years of slaving away in order to pay off your debt.

Half of households 'struggling with debts'. Credit card and loan repayments ...

Half of households ‘struggling with debts’. Credit card and loan repayments …

Getting rid of debt may not be the easiest thing for anyone to do, but the hassle is definitely worth it in the end. After paying off your debt, you will learn a valuable lesson, which is “financial restraint“.

Why You Should Not Marry A Woman Like Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been a household name ever since the day her music first came out. Known for her quirky videos, weird sense of fashion and a knack for saying the wrong things, Lady Gaga is quite the character. There are many women in the world to aim to be exactly like her because of her open and strong spirit. However, there are many women who take this aim too far and emulate many parts of her personality as well. And this gives a whole list of reasons why you should not marry a woman like Lady Gaga.

Even though many people feel that social conventions can be too restricting, they exist for a good reason. Often enough, these conventions are what keep people together and the society up and running. Since Lady Gaga lives in the celebrity world, many of these conventions do not apply and she is free to break through them as she likes. But if your fiancée or girlfriend tries to do the same in everyday life, it could make for a difficult situation. After all, the possibility of dressing up in a “meat” dress for dinner is one great reason for why you should not marry a woman like Lady Gaga.

Although Lady Gaga is considered to be very creative and her music is a hit, she has been a part of many controversies. One of these happened when she revealed that she did not get intimate with men so that her creative energy would remain intact. This is a behavior that you may start seeing in your wife to be quite soon is she is a lot like Lady Gaga. Which makes for a compelling argument as to why you should not marry a woman like Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga

People tend to describe Gaga as weird and wonderful while praising her many talents. Having a wife like that who tried out new stunts simply to get attention can become quite tiring over a period of time. This is why men prefer not to marry drama queens who can make socializing quite difficult!

Lady Gaga can be quite the role model to encourage people to be themselves and be proud of the way they were born. Even so, sometimes people take her far too seriously and want to do everything that she does, from the red carpet appearances to the foot-high heels. Keeping track of this can be a big pain and so shows why you should not marry a woman like Lady Gaga.

Rifle-bra clad Lady Gaga risks raises eyebrows at concert

Rifle-bra clad Lady Gaga risks raises eyebrows at concert